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Dental Implants in Lake Mary, FL

Have you lost a permanent tooth or teeth? Do you wish that you could eat, speak, and chew naturally again? With dental implants, it’s possible!

A dental implant is a special titanium post that's placed into the upper or lower jaw. The bone in your jaw bonds to the post, forming a secure foundation onto which your new teeth are attached and shaped to match your mouth.

Dental implants offer a solid, secure, and aesthetic way of replacing a lost tooth or anchoring a denture when you’ve lost teeth because of accident, injury, disease, or extraction. They are the closest replacement to your natural teeth! After nearly 35 years of use, dental implants have a 97% proven success rate when they’re placed appropriately.

Dr. Kansol has advanced training in placing dental implants and in creating restorations for them. He can also discuss your specific situation with you to determine if a dental implant would be a good choice. Please call our Lake Mary dental office for an evaluation to see if dental implants are right for you.

Implant Supported Dentures

My doctor/patient relationship began back in 1988 with Harvey Kansol. It was in that year that Dr. Kansol designed, made, and fit the same teeth that are still serving me today (almost 20 years later), which is pretty amazing. Those years have been pain-free and trouble-free thanks to the outstanding work and dedication of Dr. Kansol and his staff.

As for the impact on my daily living, I can smile, laugh, talk, enjoy food, family and friends once again. How good is that?

Dental implants placed in 1998

Thank you for talking to me about implants and overdenture! When I asked you to start the procedure as soon as possible, I was not sure of the results. Having known you the previous 14 years as a kind and professional person, I did not hesitate to give you my trust.

The treatment and care you and your staff gave me was very impressive and I recommended you to my daughter for all her dental procedures.

I love my implants and can eat anything with no problems. The money spent for these implants and overdentures was the best money I ever spent on myself. Thank you and your staff so much.

Dental implants placed in 2006

I wish I had done this much sooner. After many years with both upper and lower dentures I decided to have implants put in to replace my lower dentures. My original goal was just to know that I could actually chew the food I put in my mouth, and experience the joy of eating an apple again. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!! This was such a blessing. They are absolutely beautiful and look totally natural.

Dr. Kansol, you and your staff are the best!!! I would highly recommend the procedure to anyone suffering with difficulties from the loss of their teeth. I was treated like royalty from day one. You and your staff were attentive and caring every step of my way. Thanks again, Dr. Kansol and staff, for returning my joy of eating.


Single Tooth Implants

I lost my front tooth due to an injury.The implant process was simple.The procedure was painless. And it feels just like my tooth grew back.Thank you, Dr. Kansol.


Thank you, Dr. Kansol! the procedure was easy, just like you assured me it would be. I look better now than before my accident happened, thanks to you and your wonderful staff!


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